There is no better way to start your day than with breakfast at Farmers Guest House. Our champagne breakfast begins with a fresh fruit and juice bar for you to enjoy a custom blended Mimosa. Susan creates freshly baked treats and a full breakfast entree each morning which is guaranteed to energize you to explore our historic town and take in the many things to do in Galena and the surrounding area.  The cornerstone of each luscious breakfast is the locally sourced eggs from happy, free-range chickens.  Susan, the Breakfast Diva, locally sources many fine ingredients and makes everything “from scratch”.

Susan Steffan, the Breakfast Diva, shares the secrets of her kitchen in her Cookbook. Order yours today!

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Farmers Guest House has been named “Best B&B Breakfast in North America” and with your first bite, you will agree.

Breakfast is served in our spacious dining room with multiple seating options and over a one-hour time span to allow you the comfort of sleeping in.  All of our breakfasts begin with fresh fruit and bakery made each morning by Susan, which may include home-made muffins, coffee cake, eclairs, danish, breads or scones. Susan is celebrated for her breakfasts and was most recently seen as a winning contestant on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship. Every day is a different day at our bed and breakfast in Galena, but guests are never disappointed. Susan’s specialties range from oven-baked frittatas to blueberry French toast, fiesta oven omelet, bacon & egg cups, waffles, or oatmeal pumpkin pancakes, and the best local bacon, ham or sausage. Breakfast is accompanied by your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and fresh juice at our fruit and Mimosa bar.

Seasonal baked goods always accompany your entrée and include such mouth-watering delicacies as pumpkin muffins, bacon-cornbread muffins, or Strawberry Coffee Cake. Farmers Guest House also accommodates food allergies and restrictions upon request. We serve Gluten Free home made items for guests who request a Gluten Free diet and can accommodate most dietary requests with a day’s notice.

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