3 Reasons You’ll Love Exploring the Galena River Trail

When you are craving fresh air and peace and quiet, head to the Galena River Trail. This wonderful area is the perfect haven for getting lost in nature for a little while. Whether you are a major outdoor enthusiast who wants to spend all day biking or you simply want to go on a half hour walk, this well-maintained trail is an excellent place to do so.

Exploring the Galena River Trail is just one great thing to do when you visit our area. Request a copy of our FREE Vacation Guide today for our best recommendations for dining, shopping, attractions, and more!

1. It Is Long Enough for a Full Day Outdoors

Whether you want to go on a short walk outside or spend a full day on the trail, you can! The Galena River Trail offers six miles (one way) of finely crushed rock trail to explore. You can check out the Galena trail map to plan your route, or simply wander to see what spectacular scenery you can find!

2. You Can Enjoy the Galena River Trail Year Round

No matter what season of the year you visit our area, you can always explore our beautiful landscape on the Galena River Trail. In the warmest months of the year, runners, hikers, and bikers frequent the trail and experience vibrant colors and rustling leaves. In the winter, however, the trail becomes a great place for snowshoeing and cross country skiing!

3. The Galena Junction Trail is a Great Place to Start

If you’ve never visited the Galena River Trail before, consider exploring the 3.4-mile section of it known as the Galena Junction Trail. This section starts at Depot Park near the U.S. Highway bridge. It winds south of town along the scenic river. Along the way, you’ll find explanatory signs with information about Galena river history and the native plants and animals on the trail. This section of the Galena River Trail is also known for being one of the best bird watching areas in the region.

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Photo credit: Thinkstock/monkeybusinesimages