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Enjoy These Spooky Ghost Tours in Galena, IL!

The topic of spirits has been popular, perhaps because we just don’t want to let go of those we love or simply because our loved ones don’t want to let US go. Whatever the reason, shows about paranormal investigators have taken over the airwaves, and ghost tours are becoming the new obsession of vacationers from all over the world, and yes, our hometown of Galena has more than its share of stories waiting to be told. This guide to haunted sites and ghost tours in Galena, Illinois, will give you the chills you seek! More even more ideas for a trip to Galena, be sure to request your copy of our Vacation Guide! The guide contains everything from the best spots to grab a bite to local attractions you can’t miss!

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Ghost Tours in Galena, IL

The Haunted Galena Tour Company, 304 S Main Street, (815) 990-7203 

Offering a variety of ghost tours, the Haunted Galena Tour Company is the most well-known ghost tour company in Galena. Their most popular tour, The Haunted Galena Ghost Walk, offers an inexpensive way to explore the haunted history of our town, costing just $24 per person and lasting 90 minutes. This tour does not take place in the winter months and will begin again on Saturday, April 20th, but their Spirits and Spirits Tour, which tours three haunted locations (while enjoying three specialty drinks), takes place nearly every Saturday of the year. 

Matthew’s Haunted Pub Crawl- Ghost Tours, 108 S Main Street, (563) 564-2983 

Matthew’s Haunted Pub Crawl offers just one tour, but it is a pub crawl that will be most enjoyable as you “drink spirits amongst the spirits” (their words!) Lasting approximately 3 hours, participants visit 2 to 3 haunted pubs, and if you aren’t a drinking person, it’s ok. You are still encouraged to participate in the tour and learn the history of our town, as the hosts use ghost equipment in an effort to contact the spirits. 

Amelia’s Galena Ghost Tours, INC, 129 S Main Street, (815) 994-2868 

Not every ghost tour has to be a walking one. Amelia’s Galena Ghost Tours offers a tour of the spirit world from the comfort of a luxury bus! The stories told here will surely bring you goosebumps, especially when contact with the spirits is made via EMF Detector and Ghost Box. Three tours take place daily, leaving at 6 PM, 7:30 PM, and 9 PM, and include stops at the Robinson Miners Cottage, built in 1840. 

Stay With Farmers Guest House if You’re a Friendly Ghost!

You may wonder if Farmers Guest House has experienced any visits from the spirit world, especially knowing it has stood on this site since 1867. Well, we can say that the smell of pipe tobacco has been detected when no one near has smoked cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Aside from that, however, the only guests we experience are ones that are very much alive and ready to live their vacation dreams come true in our warm and welcoming rooms. Reserve your favorite room today! 

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