Enjoy the Cheers at Galena Brewing Company!

We love our beautiful little town and we love the wonderful people and places that are a part of it! Today, we want to introduce you to one of our favorite Galena hangouts, the Galena Brewing Company, as well as a few others. If you love craft beer and delicious food, you’ve come to the right place!

Need more information about Galena or our beautiful Guest House? We’ve put everything together for you in one completely free, downloadable packet – our Vacation Guide! Be sure to check it out for lots of ideas on what to do when you visit our gorgeous part of the country! And now, on to Galena Brewing Company and our favorite hangouts!

Galena Brewing Company is All about Rich Brewing Traditions

Little known fact about our town – Galena, Illinois was actually one of the first mineral rush cities. It was the largest riverboat port north of St. Louis and also home to nine different breweries in the 1800s. Then, the prohibition happened and Galena’s breweries all closed. Galena Brewing Company strives to honor the rich tradition that has been lost in our town. They even have nine stars on their logo as a way to remember the nine original breweries in Galena!

Something for Everyone

Galena Brewing Company has thirteen beers on tap and something for every taste! Whether you prefer a light beer or a dark stout, Galena Brewing Company has you covered. They also offer seasonal beers and pilot batches for you to try out! Curious about their brewing process? You can tour the brewery on Fridays and Saturdays and get all your brewing questions answered.

Come for the Beer, Stay for the Food

Not only is Galena Brewing Company bringing back the rich tradition of breweries in Galena, they also have an incredible menu! Priding themselves on using local ingredients wherever possible, Galena Brewing Company also never fries or grills anything on their menu. You can get all the taste without all the yucky, greasy feeling after a great night at a pub. Be sure to try their Beer Cheese Nachos and their Miner’s Treasure Pulled Pork, served with a side of Amber Ale Barbecue Sauce.

Even More Places for You!

Need more amazing eateries and breweries to eat at while you’re visiting Galena? We are home to some fantastic restaurants! Check out Blaum Bros. Distillery and be sure to try their exclusive bourbon. Are you more of a fan of the vineyard’s offerings? Make plans to visit some of our favorite wineries around Galena!

Farmers Guest House is Ready for You

We love watching our guests discover all that our town has to offer! After exploring Galena, be sure to come back to Farmers Guest House. We have nine beautiful guest rooms, all with their own private bathrooms and several of them have their own fireplace! Snuggle down in one of our luxurious suites in front of the fireplace, or, if you are staying in one of our suites with a private JACUZZI®, relax back for a long, rejuvenating soak. We can’t wait to see you at Farmers Guest House in Galena!