Magic Show

P.T. Murphy Magic Show: An Enchanting Event

The bright lights, the intimate atmosphere, and a seemingly impossible magic tricks compose an evening at the P.T. Murphy Magic Show. Maintaining the composure of traditional showmanship, “Galena’s #1 Show” is an amazing source of entertainment in Galena, IL. From the opening act of this 65-minute spectacle to the closing trick, you’ll be captivated by how immersive and simply astounding this incredible performance is!

P.T. Murphy Magic Show isn’t the only way to spend an evening out in Galena. To find out more places to explore and things to do, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide. It’s the ideal way to bring the best of historic town right to you!

P.T. Murphy Magic Show & Everything You Need to Know

The official Galena, IL, address of the P.T. Murphy Magic Show is 204 Hill Street, and the event will be held at the 24-seat theatre. Built in the 1840s, it’s the ideal location to experience a magical evening with P.T. Murphy. Get your tickets in advance because this popular performance does sell out quickly!

About the Expert Magician

P.T. Murphy is an esteemed magician who wholeheartedly believes in the celestial powers of magic. His belief in the unknown and mystification become apparent as he interacts with you and the other audience members during the show. He demonstrates mind-boggling magic tricks with his own style, unique flare, mischievous wit, and sophisticated sleight of hand. If you’ve heard his name before, you also may know his work in Chicago as a co-creator of The Magic Cabaret, which was voted “One of America’s Best Magic Shows” by the Travel Channel.  

The Show Begins

Feel mesmerized (or even hypnotized) by the enchantment surrounding the remarkable P.T. Murphy Magic Show. During the hour, you’ll hear the sounds of laughter, amazement, and wonder, all while seeing puzzled looks at other audience members.This illusionary event will leave you speechless with how well he executes his tricks. After the show has concluded, you’ll have the unique opportunity to converse with Murphy and learn more about his passion for magic!

What to Enjoy After the Show

Being located on the Helluva Half Mile, the P.T. Murphy Magic Show is near many beloved downtown Galena attractions. From restaurants, to historic sites, to annual events, there are so many places to visit during your getaway to Farmers Guest House. If you’re searching for a marvelous meal to spend a night with your special someone, One-Eleven Main is one of the best restaurants in Galena. The diverse menu includes savory starters, hearty entrees, delectable desserts, and a gorgeous selection of libations. In addition, you’ll find a gluten-free menu filled with wonderful dining options. You won’t be disappointed by your culinary experience!

Some of the Other Best Things to Do in Galena, IL

While you’re vacationing in our quaint town, there is a myriad of ways to immerse yourself in our local culture. All aboard for Galena Trolley Tour or ghost tour of Galena, IL to learn more about the historical significance of our charming community. Or, you may wish to enjoy an afternoon or a picnic in the famous Grant Park in Galena, Illinois. For more information about ways to enjoy a trip to Galena, consult our Vacation Guide (link above)!

Book a Magical Getaway to Farmers Guest House

P.T. Murphy Magic Show is the best in Galena, IL, for entertainment and a mystical experience. After the show, make the 10-minute walk back to the luxurious comfort of Farmers Guest House. Our comfortable bed and breakfast offers all the amenities and luxury of a Galena getaway with beautifully appointed accommodations, a gourmet breakfast, a relaxing spa, and a signature WineTime. We invite you to browse our selection and to reserve the ideal one for your couple’s retreat. Once you book, search our specials to enhance your time in our northwestern corner of Illinois. We can’t wait to host you this year!