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7 of the Best Historic Sites in Galena, IL

You could pick a street at random in Galena, and no matter which you choose, it will likely have a rich history. This city is filled with beautifully preserved 19th-century buildings which indicate its colorful past. In fact, 85% of the buildings are in a National Register Historic District. In a place with such an ebullient past, it follows that there would be a wealth of historic sites and museums. Below are some of our favorite Galena historic sites. They include sites in downtown Galena and nearby locations. Once you learn about Galena’s history, you may be in search of something else to do. Download our complimentary Galena Travel Guide for local recommendations for fantastic restaurants, shopping, and more!

7 of the Best Galena Historic Sites

The Galena Historical Society describes Galena as “one of the country’s most historically significant, culturally vibrant, and scenically breathtaking places. Carved into a steep, rocky hillside in the early 19th century, Galena’s historic downtown offers a glimpse of the region’s past as an economic boomtown, larger than Chicago in the 1830s.” The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does cover many major historic sites in Galena, IL.

Apple River Fort State Historic Site

Listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesApple River Fort marks the site of one of the battles fought during the Black Hawk War. By visiting this state historic site, you can learn about Black Hawk and early settlers through resources like the interpretive visitor center and a reconstruction of the vanished fort. If you visit Apple River Fort on weekends from May to October, there are also living history activities and special events.   

Council Hill Station

While not an official historic site, Council Hill Station dates back to the 1850s, where it was a general store and railway station. There’s also a silo and a ruin of a mill and barn. Today, this building on the east fork of the Galena River is a live music venue serving food and a wide range of libations.    

Elihu B. Washburne House State Historic Site

This historic site preserves the home of Elihu B Washburne, a prominent Galena attorney who went on to serve in Congress from 1853-1869. He was a close associate of Abraham Lincoln and future president Ulysses S. Grant, also a fellow Galenian. The Elihu B. Washburne House State Historic Site is open seasonally (May through October) with tours available on Fridays and Saturdays.  

Galena Historical Society

The Galena Historical Society was founded in 1938 and includes the Galena/U.S. Grant Museum and the Old Blacksmith Shop. The museum is in the historic Daniel Barrows Mansion in downtown Galena and displays exhibits that provide a glimpse into various aspects of Galena’s past. The Old Blacksmith Shop is a museum, but its forges are fully-functional, and work from local blacksmiths can be purchased in the gift shop.

Old Market House State Historic Site

The Old Market House, built in 1846, served as the city market and seat of Galena government for 65 years. This period was one of the most prosperous for Galena. Today, it provides a fitting space for Galena’s visitors center and features many historical exhibits, many of which center on Ulysses S. Grant.

Old Stockade on the Cobblestone Street

This restored building from the 1820s was used as a refuge for women and children during the Black Hawk War. Today, the Old Stockade displays historical information and is open by appointment.

U.S. Grant Home State Historic Site

The U.S. Grant Home State Historic Site preserves the home in Galena that Ulysses S. Grant and wife Julia resided in during the 1860s. It is open for tours from Wednesday through Saturday and is closed on select holidays.

Stay in a Historic Inn

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