What Are the Benefits of Traveling Midweek?

Want to be in on a little travel secret? Truth is, you don’t have to be bogged down on a Wednesday afternoon, and you also don’t need to break the bank for a vacation. Many people don’t realize that you can actually get better rates when you take a vacation in the middle of the week! There are many benefits of traveling midweek, but, before we break down the science of traveling for cheap, think about how you would like to spend your days off! We’ve crafted a list of the best Galena restaurants, attractions, and entertainment in our free Vacation Guide

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The Benefits of Traveling Midweek

You Can Find Fantastic Midweek Deals

Here’s a travel hack: Since the majority of workers wait until the weekend to go on a trip, hotels and B&Bs have more availability during the week, resulting in lower prices. The same goes for restaurants and attractions. Since most businesses don’t get crowded during the week, that’s when you can find the best specials. So, treat yourself to a happy hour with the extra money you’re saving!

We Pay You!

Here at Farmers Guest House, we actually pay you when vacationing midweek. You can book our Two Night Special between Sunday and Thursday, and receive a $25 gift card to Log Cabin Steakhouse or Vinny Vanucchi’s Little Italy. Plus, you probably won’t encounter wait times and crowds at a restaurant in the middle of the week.

Most People Don’t Know the Secret Yet

Since most people don’t know the accommodation rates are often lower in the middle of the week, you can expect to face less traffic and less crowds. When you travel midweek, you can have an intimate getaway without waiting in lines or being squished by people at popular tourist attractions. The crowds will arrive on the weekends when you’re at home relaxing.

You Have Unused PTO That You Need to Get Rid Of

Let’s face it, you don’t know what you’re saving that last bit of PTO for. Maybe you’re waiting for an emergency, where you need to request a last-minute day off. U.S. Travel reports that more than 55% of workers neglected to use all of their paid time off in 2018. That means more than 768 million vacation days were wasted.

You have vacation days for a reason. You deserve those days to yourself, so book that vacation! 

Feel Rejuvenated at Farmers Guest House in Galena

Avoid midweek burnout when you stay with Farmers Guest House in Galena. Not only do we have a delicious selection of gourmet breakfast options including a mimosa bar, but we also have outstanding spa services. You don’t even have to leave the inn to experience the best pampering in Galena. 

There are many spa treatments to choose from including a 60-minute, 90-minute, couples, hot stone, or deep-tissue massage. You’ll feel brand new before you head back home and relax for the weekend. Then, you’ll be ready to begin the workweek Monday morning.

Check our availability and book your relaxing midweek getaway today!