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August 3rd, 2014

Breakfast with the President

September 13th we will have a very special guest at breakfast – the 18th President of the United States, General U.S. Grant.  Hailed for his military genius, General Grant served two terms as President from 1869 – 1877.

Now, in 2014, General Grant and Julia Grant, for whom the term “First Lady” was first used, will walk the floors of Farmers Guest House once again.  Make your reservations for the weekend now, for this event will only be open to guests of the inn.  Reservations

Born and raised here in Galena, Illinois, Bob Buman and his wife represent General and Julia Grant, bringing these historic figures to life for visitors to this Diamond of the Midwest, historic Galena, Illinois.  Saturday, September 13th, they will be special guests at Farmers Guest House, which was built in Galena prior to the time when the Grant’s lived here.

Since 1961 The Galena Generals have represented the 9 Civil War Generals who are from Galena Illinois. They educate the public on the importance of these 9 individuals and the time period in which they served.

The Galena Generals are a local history group that portrays the nine Cival War Generals from Galena, Illinois, the town that produced more Generals than any other in the country. They regularly march in parades, give educational presentations, promote Galena history and appear at functions. 2011 marked the 50th Anniversary of The Galena Generals.

Additional information about The Galena Generals can be found on the Generals’ Facebook page.


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