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July 25th, 2014

The Perfect Bed and Breakfast Experience

the perfect bed and breakfast experienceAt Farmers Guest House we aim to provide each guest with an unforgettable Galena bed and breakfast experience; really, we want to give our guest the perfect bed and breakfast experience.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the “guest experience” and tirelessly look for new amenities that our guests will appreciate.

What our guest say about us is very important. Below is a recent review about the Farmers Guest House experience and why we strive to be your reason to visit Galena.

“Stellar Experience! Superior Bed and Breakfast!”

Don and Sue have perfected the B&B experience. I would recommend every B&B owner stay a night at Farmers’ Guest House and see professionalism with the personal touch at its finest. We were charmed by our host and hostess and simply delighted in the extra comforts provided. We immediately felt at home.

In the dining area, unlimited bottled waters, soft drinks, tea, and coffee are always available. There are two cookie jars which, as advertised, were “bottomless.” At 5:00 PM, wine, cheese, and crackers were served with an offer to make dinner reservations for guests at area restaurants. One could not help but feel at home knowing the fridge not only housed unlimited soft drinks, but was available for guests along with a microwave. Leftovers could be enjoyed later in the evening along with those cookies!

the perfect bed and breakfast experienceUpon arrival, we were given a list of the foods to be served at breakfast with the option to cross out anything we didn’t want served or specify allergies, vegan etc. On our second day, my husband very much appreciated being able to ask for his flatbread with no eggs or mushrooms, just bacon and cheese. The flatbread was delicious both ways with lovely presentation. The list was provided each morning when the room was cleaned with the simple request to please return it before 9:00 PM if there were to be any changes. It is not only a thoughtful idea, but I loved the anticipation of knowing what we were having for breakfast.

Speaking of the food! WONDERFUL! Our first morning we had banana caramel french toast, fresh fruit with sorbet, and croissants. It was as delicious as it sounds. Our second morning we had the flatbread along with fresh fruit and sorbet, and a light lemon poppyseed coffee cake that practically melted in your mouth. It was still slightly warm and I could have eaten the whole batch, I have no doubt. My husband is not a big breakfast person so many times he doesn’t care at all for the food served at B&Bs. This was real food, lovely in presentation, but food everyone would enjoy.

The dining room was set up with tables of various sizes. Granted, not every B&B has the room to have separate tables, but sitting with other guests was a choice, not a requirement. We ate with the other guests but another couple chose to sit alone and it wasn’t awkward.

the perfect bed and breakfast experienceBreakfast is served between 8:30 and 9:30. At any point within that time frame, one simply sits at a table and is served breakfast with fresh orange juice and warm smiles. It was really nice to have that flexibility rather than having to be in place at a set time. We actually ended up arriving right at 8:30 both mornings but it was nice to know we didn’t need to rush. Don, Sue, and Charles all made sure everyone enjoyed breakfast.

We stayed in the Malvina room. The rooms are named after the wives of civil war generals. Our room was nicely appointed, very clean, and cozy. I noticed immediately the lack of what I call “fru fru.” There were no doilies or pictures of people we didn’t know cluttering up the tables. We didn’t have to move things out of the way to make room for our belongings. How refreshing! We could move in and make the room our own. It didn’t feel cluttered. There was a nice sized flat screen TV that pulled out from the wall. It didn’t lessen the beauty of the room and allowed for viewing from the bed or the chairs. An extensive up to date selection of DVDs was a nice surprise in the hallway. The bed was comfortable and I loved the old hardwood floors. The bathroom was immaculate with everything one might need. Farmers’s Guest House was built in 1867 as a hotel and general store. From the eclectic collection of clocks in the dining room area, the cozy, whimsical living room, to the lovely garden out back, Farmer’s Guest House wraps you in comfort with sincere concern for one’s every need. Don and Sue genuinely care about their guests and want their experience to be memorable. Don’t miss Farmer’s Guest House in Galena!

Laurie & Andy, Champaign, Illinois

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