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March 31st, 2013

Every Day is Special, but March 30 has Special Meaning at Farmers

Couple who met on March 30 plan to marry that day at Farmers Guest House, where March 30 holds special meaning for innkeepers.

By Hillary Dickerson, Galena Gazette

March 30 isn’t just another day of the week at Farmers Guest House bed and breakfast in Galena.

bed and breakfasts GalenaA year ago in 2012 on March 30, Don and Susan Steffan, owners and innkeepers of the popular inn on Spring Street, officially took the reins from the previous owners, Jess & Kathie Farlow, who purchased Farmers 11 years earlier, also on March 30.

It seems no better way to celebrate one year in business for the Steffans than by hosting a wedding and celebrating with a couple for whom March 30 also holds special meaning.

When Ian Courtney, who is originally from Scotland, and his fiancée Peggy Preston came from LeRoy in January to find a place in Galena to exchange vows, all the pieces fell into place. The couple met on March 30, 2012, very close to 3:30 in the afternoon, at a pub in Bloomington. After becoming engaged in October, the couple planned to marry a year to the day after meeting.

In Farmers, Courtney and Preston found the perfect location.

“It’s just too much coincidence to overlook,” noted Peggy of the significance of March 30 at the inn. “I have always felt there is meaning in fateful coincidences, and the fact that Ian and I ever met in the first place, considering our very different and diverse geographical upbringing and the paths that our lives took prior to us meeting each other, is a testament to the fate that we believe brought us together.”

Farmers Guest House innkeeper, Susan Steffan agrees, “This is providential, not coincidental.”

With the significance of the date, it’s only fitting that Jess Farlow, who’s been performing wedding ceremonies for 12 years, will officiate at Preston and Courtney’s private ceremony, appropriately scheduled to take place at 3:30pm.

There have been many wedding ceremonies at Farmers’ through the years – in the dining room, backyard, living room, the Charlotte and Julia Suites and the Annie’s Cottage. (The best Galena cottage.) This particular wedding is certain to be memorable.

“It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the significance of the date for all of us,” noted Farlow.

How can Farmers Guest House help you start your perfect future together? 

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